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We Need Living Room Furniture! 

Donate Furniture  & Household Items

Click "Donate Items" below to fill out the donation form. We will contact you. Be advised we are currently experiencing an excess of donations and will not be accepting any mattress donations the week of April 24, 2023. Thanks for your understanding.

Donate Money

You can make a financial donation safely and securely with a credit card via Square.

If you would like the full amount of your donation to benefit HomeAhead, please see chart below and add the correct transaction amount to your gift. Your tax deductible donation will be greatly appreciated.


c/o Loren Donaldson, Treasurer

3347 W. 114th Circle, Unit C

Westminster, CO 80031

Help HomeAhead Recover Credit Card Processing Fees

Increase your donation to cover the processing fees. To calculate, multiply your donation by 2.9% + $0.30 or refer to the chart below.

Donation          Donation + CC Fees

$10                    $10.61

$20                    $20.91

$25                    $26.06

$50                    $51.80

$75                    $77.55

$100                  $103.30

$150                  $153.90

$200                  $206.28

$250                  $257.78

$500                  $515.25

$1000                $1030.18

Donate Via Check
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